Scholarships for 2015-2016

College costs increase each year while state support for students decrease. While these thoughts may seem discouraging, post-secondary schooling is one of the best investments for your future. For example, a 2007 report by College Board states that on average, college graduates are paid $20,000 more per year when compared to high school graduates.Scholarships

The Suffolk Education Foundation is here to help by offering $19,000 in scholarships to Suffolk Public School graduates! We have 10 endowments that are worth $1,500 each for students going on to a college or university. In addition, the SEF Board created three scholarships, each worth $1,500,for students who will be preparing for work as future educators. Awards are made following an application process and review by a committee from the Suffolk Education Foundation’s board of directors. Selection criteria include academic achievement, community/school service, and future education and career goals. There are scholarships available in a variety of areas . Please check which category fits your interests and future studies in the Scholarship Awards tab above.

Anyone interested in contributing specifically to the scholarship funds can send their tax-deductible donation to:

Suffolk Education Foundation
P.O. Box 394
Suffolk VA 23439-0394