Endowments are an important part of many educational institutions. School alumni or community leaders sometimes contribute Endowmentsmoney or property to support the efforts of foundations they believe in. The Suffolk Education Foundation manages seven such endowments and is grateful for the philanthropy. These endowments fund various scholarships for students to attend colleges and universities. We are proud that the assets are managed in a prudent manner so the endowment funds will be available for years to come.


Currently, SEF has the following endowments:

  1. The Ned and Helen Ferguson Endowment Scholarship
  2. The Harry Lee and Jean Ritchie Cross Scholarship
  3. The Gertrude Pruden Scholarship
  4. The Ellis E. Temple Sr. Scholarship
  5. The Honorable G. Blair Harry Scholarship
  6. The E. Talmadge Darden Scholarship
  7. The Louis and Mary Haddad Foundation Scholarship

We welcome your interest in setting up an ongoing gift to benefit Suffolk Public Schools.