Annual SPS Staff & Student Campaign

The annual SPS Staff & Student Campaign is our favorite event of the year! The enthusiasm and dedication shown by the students and staff in our schools are contagious. Each school designates a liaison who accepts the challenge to create a school-wide campaign to raise as much money as possible for SEF, and to educate colleagues and students about its programs.


The campaign begins in February and each school individualizes their events. At one school, you may find teachers bidding to use the Principal’s parking space. At another, staff may make a donation to be permitted to wear jeans to school. In the spring, sponges may fly at a “duck the principal/teacher booth”. There may be a crazy hat or sock day, special music played in the cafeteria, or other fun activities designed to support SEF. The possibilities are endless and always fun.

Ultimately the money raised comes back to the schools in the form of tuition assistance and classroom grants –all for the benefit of Suffolk students and staff. This year, our schools raised almost $22,000! Congratulations to our fantastic school liaisons and all the staff and students who participated!