TSR – Technology Service Request Instructions

The Director of Technology’s approval is required if the purchase of technology for Suffolk Public Schools computers or other devices is part of your proposal.

Software and Hardware need to be approved prior to purchase and installation. Both need to be evaluated for instructional value and technical compatibility. Follow the steps below to submit software and hardware for evaluation to the Technology Department prior to purchasing.


  1. From the Staff Portal, click Service Requests.
  2. Technology Service Request (TSR)
  3. Login to the Help Desk. Use your computer username and password.
  4. Request Type = Application Support
    Request Type Sub-Category = Evaluation/Procurement
  5. Request Detail = Provide justification for your request.
  6. Location and Room
  7. Save


Please forward the software to the Technology Department via pony mail. If you need to, request an evaluation copy from the software publisher for us to have for the evaluation. You may also provide a web address if the software is web-based and can be accessed online.