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Can You Spell F-U-N?


Join the fun at the 5th Annual Grown-Up Spelling Bee, which will be held Saturday, May 14 at John Yeates Middle School, beginning at 2 p.m.


What is the Grown-Up Spelling Bee? 

This is a fun team event to benefit Suffolk Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that enriches teaching and inspires learning in Suffolk Public Schools.  The spelling bee directly benefits the teachers and students of Suffolk Public Schools. Money raised will support innovative educational programs, college scholarships, fine arts programs, and the Teacher Supply Store.


Remember spelling bees as a kid?  This FUNdraiser has teams of 3 adults working together to spell words and compete for the coveted title of “Best Spellers in Suffolk.” Teams that face elimination can continue the fun by buying a “spell check” or “stinging” another team by passing on a difficult word.  Here's a FUN event that will provide community outreach and also be a morale booster for staff.  The goal is to sign up 10 educator teams, and 10 corporate/community teams. 


The event is designed to be fun, not like the nerve-wracking spelling bees some might remember from their youth or see on television every year. Three-person teams will get the chance to confer on the spellings of words, writing them out on notepads first before one person shares the spelling at the microphone. No one will be given words that have all X’s and Y’s and are only used by lawyers and botanists. To ramp up the F-U-N, the organization encourages silly team names and buzz-worthy costumes. Examples might include WordNerds, Old Men and the Bee, Highway to Spell, and Bee-Dazzled.


​Consider signing up to participate as a 3-person team for a $250 donation.   School teams are also recruiting sponsors, if you’d rather.  In addition, there are opportunities to purchase a program ad, sponsor words and letters, and to buy “lifelines” to keep a team going. 

  • $250 – Sponsor a Team

  • $100 – Sponsor a Word … Sponsor a spelling word to be read during the   championship round; the sponsor will be recognized on website and when the word is read. For example: “The word ‘orthodontist’ is sponsored by Dr. Tim Bracy.”  

  • $50 – Sponsor a Letter … Sponsor a letter and receive signage at the event and on website. “The letter ‘O’ is sponsored by Bracy Orthodontics.”  26 letters - each $50 – Reserve your Letter today! 


  • Purchase “lifelines” for teams:

    • $75 - “Stinger” Pass - Pass a difficult word to another team;  Teams may buy only Stinger pass

    • $25 - “Spell Check” - Gives the team a second chance to correct a misspelled word; Teams can use 2 

    • $25 - “Fly Over” Pass - Can be used to skip a word; Teams may buy only 1 Fly Over 

  • Ad Sponsorship in Event Program 

    • $200 for Full booklet-sized page 

    • $100 for Half booklet-sized page 


Sign up now by contacting or call (757) 237-3249.

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