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CAN WE TALK? Webinars

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To support the families of Suffolk Public Schools as pandemic restrictions continue, the Suffolk Education Foundation proudly presents this free webinar series.  CAN WE TALK? is designed to invite dialogue about how the pandemic impacts our fitness, our mental health, our careers, and our wallets.  Experts will address issues currently facing our students & their families.

  • Stress Less: Neighborhood Resources - Feb. 23
    Stressed and stuck inside?  Wake up your muscles and your mind.  Uncover leisure activities for you and/or the family.  Learn about the Suffolk Library’s virtual programming, online classes, Battle of the Books, opportunities to socialize, and personalized Discovery appointments on topics like genealogy.  Learn about the city’s Parks & Recreation virtual programming, fitness centers, sports leagues, parks and trails, and art gallery.


  • Combatting the "COVID 15": Healthy Choices - March 2
    Working from home and online learning can wreck our healthy intentions. Don’t let stress eating, prolonged sitting, quarantine limitations, and cold weather get you off-track. Discover what your well-being needs are for 2021. Learn the key to crushing your goals for a healthier life.  Watch culinary arts students demonstrate a healthy snack recipe.


  • Mindfulness & Self-Care: Simple Approach to Well-Being - March 9
    This presentation explores a lifestyle with practices that support focus, present moment living, and improved physical and mental well-being. From a real-world lens, participants will learn about the benefits and biology of mindfulness with can-do applications.  The work and story of the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation is woven throughout to reveal real-life experience with these concepts.


  • How are the Kids?: Youth Mental Health - March 16
    The pandemic has caused a mental and emotional strain on all of us, especially for our kids who face the overall stress of having school and home in the same place. Some have no real way to recharge or to decompress from the demands of school. And then there’s the complete uncertainty of when this will end and things go back to normal. All of these play a large part in mental health and well-being. This presentation will help you answer the question: How are we doing – really?  Learn the signs, symptoms & risk factors of mental health issues, and how to get help for someone in distress. 

    Now Hiring: Career Advice for Job Seekers - March 23

Getting your first job.  Getting a new job.  Becoming an Entrepreneur and opening your first business. These things provide a high we all want to experience.  We have brought together some of the top minds in hiring and hustle.  Come with an open mind and a notepad ready to record helpful ideas that will help you make your best presentation for your next interview.  Also discover ways to create your own opportunity.

  • Money Smart: What Kids Need to Know - March 30
    This presentation will give you some useful tools on approaching the subject of money with kids -- from saving to budgeting to understanding some basic ideas for investing.  It will also provide insight into 529 planning and options for paying for college education. 


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