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including Sponsor-a-Teacher option


When asked why the community should attend the Gala …

Sandra Darden, Art Teacher, said:
“The SEF Gala hits all your senses...from the visually stunning artwork and moving musical performances to the fabulous food and beautiful artwork. Your generosity and support of this Gala directly benefits the most important thing in Suffolk -- our students!”


Dr. Joleen Neighbours, SPS Fine Arts Coordinator, said::

“SEF supports the schools, helping with items that are more than "brick and mortar" but rather the “heart and soul” of teaching. The gala benefits our future innovators, dreamers, and artists - the ones who create the world in which we live. Our students need to know their talent is valued and appreciated, and not just relegated to a test score.”


Linda Hurwitz, Orchestra Director, said:

“The SEF Gala is a wonderful coming together of our extended arts community for a fabulous evening filled with both student and teacher works of art as well as musical performances. The best reason of all to attend is to enjoy this celebration of creativity right here in Suffolk, and to support the arts programs in our schools.”

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